This is a page for downloading development builds of my project to improve the IAP support in Rockbox. IAP is the iPod Accessory Protocol, a protocol used by iPods to communicate with devices connected to the iPod multipin connector. These devices can be radio tuners, remote controls or, in the most common case, some kind of stereo system that wants to remote control the iPod (change tracks, change volume, start and stop playing). Even cars usually fall in the latter category.

If you don't know what Rockbox is then you probably are not interested in this.

Work is ongoing to improve the support for these devices in the Rockbox firmware. You most probably came here because I or someone else in the #rockbox IRC channel on the freenode network gave you a link to a custom Rockbox build.

These builds are used to test and improve the new IAP code. There are some very important things to notice before downloading and using the files offered here.

tl;dr: If it breaks you get to keep all the pieces.

That being said, I'm very grateful for any help in improving the IAP support. If you want to download these firmwares you most likely have a device that does not work or does not work as expected.

These firmwares are set up for extended logging of the IAP commands exchanged between the device and the iPod. These logs hopefully help to determine why exactly the device does not work, and what can be done to improve it.

In order to use these firmwares:

Having read all of the above (you have read it, right? Go back and read it again.): do you still want to try out these custom firmwares?

If you receive a "410 Gone" error when trying to download the firmware try to reload this page.

I can be found as Lalufu on the freenode IRC network.

There is a GIT tree containing the current state of the work available at http://git.camperquake.de/rockbox.git, in the iap-rework branch.

None of this would be possible without the work of the original Rockbox developers. You guys rock.