bmp-flac2 008 (Oxygen) released, fixes crashes and playlist advancement issues.


bmp-flac2 006 (Carbon) released, minor bugfix.


bmp-flac2 005 (Boron) released, containing initial tags support and fixes for FreeBSD compiling


bmp-flac2 004 (Beryllium) released, includes seek support.


bmp-flac2 is an input plugin for the Beep Media Player, an open source media player for UNIX like operating systems. It enables the player to play back files compressed with the FLAC audio codec, which (as the name suggests) is a Free, Lossless Audio Codec.

bmp-flac2 is a source-only release. The source code is released under the GPL, and is thus free software. You will need a compiler to make use of the files offered on this page. Precompiled binaries may be available for your distribution.


The current release of bmp-flac2 is version 008 (Oxygen). It is considered to be in beta state and needs public testing. It is known to compile and work on Linux (x86 and ppc) and FreeBSD (x86). Below is a list of it's current capabilities and shortcomings.



All points require some work, but support for this will come.
Configuration options will be added once I find something that has to be configured. So far, there is nothing in the plugin requiring or supporting any user settings.


Simple. Grab the tarball in the download section section, unpack it, and do the ./configure; make; make install dance. The makefile supports a make localinstall target, which will install the plugin in your home directory. If your BMP was build with the correct options, this will work. However, supporting plugins in user directories can be disabled at BMP build time and may not work on your specific installation.
Since this is an early release, it is advised to configure the package with configure --debug in order to enable quite a lot more or less helpful debug messages. This is especially advised, not to say required if you want to report a bug.


Grab the latest tarballs (and previous versions) here:


Send your bug reports to


Thanks to Hendrik Scholz for testing and patches for FreeBSD suppport

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