Lithium II [NDC ed]

Cardassia is running a modified version of the Lithium II code, dubbed Lithium II [NDC ed] for the time being. There are no player visible changes to the mod, just cleanup work and fixes of bugs that turn up during this work.

The plan is to feed back the changes into the main Lithium II code base (if the original author will have them) when the work is complete, so that all installations benefit from the changes.

Until the work is complete a GIT repository has been set up from which the code can be cloned:

        git clone
The repository will follow the code running on Cardassia pretty closely. You can find the SHA1 hash of the running code base under the MOTD in the lower left screen corner.

It's possible that due to changes to the code new bugs are introduced, which may lead to inconsistent behaviour or even server crashes. If this happens it would be great if you could drop me a line describing what you were doing when the crash happened.