A long, long time ago the Northcore Deathmatch Clan (NDC) ran a Quake 2 server running the Lithium II mod. The server was called Cardassia and, for some reason that was never very clear, was quite popular in it's time.

Time moved on, Quake 3 was released, and one day Cardassia shut down. Now, it's back.

This is not an exact replica of Cardassia That Was, for several reasons. One, no copies of the configuration files from the original machine still exist, and my memory is not what it was, either, so the config was recreated from what I remember. The original ID binaries of Quake 2 and the Lithium II mod do not run on modern Linux systems any more, but the source code is available for both, in improved form no less. There is no fancy ranking system (at least for now), there is just a server trying to be what Cardassia was then.

Will it work? I have no idea. For all I know there may be five people left on the planet that care about Quake 2 at all. There may be hundreds.

How to connect? Point your client to cardassia.skytale.net (or if your client does not support names). Enjoy your stay.